Course Participant Comments

  • “Vaughn explained a lot of complicated material very simply, with easy-to-understand real life examples. Vaughn deserves double whatever — is paying him for leading such an effective course!” – New Jersey
  • “Vaughn has a brilliant banking mind! His examples in class were very relevant to the subject matter.” – Dallas
  • “The instructor knew what he was talking about! He definitely has the knowledge and experience.” – Eugene
  • “Vaughn was an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable in many areas of banking – credit, management, lending. I would like to take another course from him.” – Denver
  • “This was the best course I have participated in a very long time. Vaughn was an inspiration and a pleasure to be with.” – Philadelphia
  • “Vaughn’s life experience and the way he could relate it to our possible encounters in the future was a highlight.” – Dallas
  • “Vaughn was a pleasure: very well spoken with clarity. He’s got a lot of experience and has many tricks of the trade to share. Very motivational.” – Long Island
  • “Vaughn was a fabulous facilitator. Very flexible with our Regional Managers, and as a result we all walked away with a lot of value added.” – Houston
  • “One of the best courses I have ever attended. Instructor gave an excellent presentation.” – Wichita
  • “Best seminar I’ve attended in my over 30 years with this bank!” – Chicago
  • “The instructor had an ability to relate the information to understandable life situations.” – Orlando
  • “Vaughn was truly a delight. He added so much enjoyment to the seminar.” – Madison
  • “Great job of keeping the class alive and involved.” – San Antonio
  • “Good pace. Vaughn checked for understanding throughout.” – New Orleans
  • “Vaughn was very well prepared and able to respond to all our questions.” – Ontario
  • “Wonderful course and instructor.” – Tupelo

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